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Cel-Fi PRO Signal Booster for 3G / 4G LTE

Cel-Fi is a new generation of Cell Phone Signal Boosters. Insanely simple. Packed with advanced technology. 1,000 times the gain of its competitors.


Cel-Fi is a smart signal booster designed to eliminate in-building dead zones and improve indoor mobile phone reception for 3G and 4G voice and data. Cel-Fi can create a large coverage bubble which automatically adjusts to the size of the indoor environment served - making it ideal for multi-level homes and medium sized businesses.
Cel-Fi brings the Internet to the Internet of Things.

Cel-Fi is the first of a new generation of Cell Phone Signal Boosters. It is the pioneer of all-digital boosters, packed with advanced technology, a booster than provides 1,000 times more gain than the previous generation of analog boosters: 100dB compared to 70dB for the best competitor's boosters.

Cel-Fi's mere existence influenced the FCC’s Feb 2013 Report & Order – a landmark decision, years in the making – creating an entire new product category and market. The Smart Signal Booster was born.