A smart radio frequency (RF) handheld scanner designed to measure signal strength and quality of multiple bands and technologies.

The Cel-Fi COMPASS is a SMART RF spot scanning tool for outdoor and indoor that enables installers and integrators to better design, install and optimize Cel-Fi equipment. COMPASS is capable of scanning on the spot commercial cellular bands and technologies as well as LMR P-25 and FirstNet Bands. COMPASS is also capable of measuring Cellular data throughput speed with versatile reporting capabilities.



Key Features

  • Handheld RF installation tool
  • Cel-Fi WAVE PRO app is t he user-interface (see details below)
  • Deep 3G/4G LTE service scanner
  • 698 – 2700 MHz
  • Rugged rubberized exo-skeleton
  • FDD/TDD Support
  • Battery-powered
  • SMA connectors



The Cel-Fi COMPASS RED tool is the complete solution to enable integrators to install and optimize Cel-Fi cellular and public safety coverage equipment.

Key Features

  • Commissions Cel-Fi QUATRA RED
  • 450-512 / 758-775 / 851-861 MHz
  • LMR / FirstNet Support
  • SMA-RP connectors



The Cel-Fi COMPASS is controlled by the Cel-Fi WAVE PRO app via Bluetooth LE. The Cel-Fi COMPASS can also connect via Ethernet to the Cel-FI QUATRA Network Unit. The app is free to download from the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.

Installation Features (when connected to a Cel-Fi QUATRA):

  • Activate/Deactivate the system
  • Update software
  • Change Antenna Settings
  • Set the bands to relay
  • Change IP Settings

Optimization Features:

  • Antenna Position test (when connected to a Directional Antenna with the Cel-Fi Antenna Mount)
  • Full Signal Report (when connected to an Antenna)
  • Operator Signal (when SIM card inserted)
  • Speed Test (when SIM card inserted)


Exporting Features:

  • Export the Full Signal Report as a .csv
  • The report includes key Operator Network parameters:
  • Operator, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, Frequency, Band, PCI and more.

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