Cel-Fi QUATRA Fiber Range Extender

The QUATRA Fiber Range Extender increases the distance between the Network Unit and the Coverage Unit up to 2 kilometers. It also allows for the use of copper cable to power up Coverage Units remotely. It is compatible with QUATRA 1000, 2000 and 4000 products. Two QFREs are needed for each remote CU in the system (sold as a kit).

  • Fiber solution to outstretch the distance between NU and CU beyond 100 meters
  • Versatility allows to be use on different QUATRA system architectures
  • Hybrid cable (FO + Copper) compatible


Fiber Cable Configuration

Power Cable Configuration


Model Number:
_  K370-001 (QUATRA 1000/1000FN/2000)
_  K360-001 (QUATRA 4000/4000i/4000e)