The evolved smart signal booster that delivers cellular coverage in buildings for FirstNet emergency communications.

In-Building Communication When You Need It Most

Cel-Fi is a member of the Safer Buildings Coalition, which is an independent organization that’s focused on advancing policies, ideas, and technologies that ensure effective in-building communications capabilities for public safety personnel and the people they serve.

FirstNet is a new network being rolled out for Public Safety Communication Devices. This high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network will have dedicated bands for public safety agencies and first responders. Legacy equipment does not support FirstNet dedicated band.


Remote Communication Kits are a standard tool for Public Safety Equipment, as not all areas have good Cellular. Cel-Fi GO RED can be delivered as the core of a FirstNet portable communication solution.

Buildings of 30,000 Square Feet and above may require Public Safety Equipment, across 8 million US buildings. Cel-Fi GO RED can work alongside existing equipment that works with legacy devices, so that FirstNet service is available at transition.


Introducing Cel-Fi GO RED

The Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster delivers cellular coverage in buildings for emergency communications from police, fire, and medical personnel. Cel-Fi GO RED with the Cel-Fi Antennas is the best way to ensure coverage in an emergency situation. Communication is not optional in critical times, rely on equipment that ensures the best coverage.

  • Boost FirstNet Band 14 and AT&T Band 12
  • 4G / LTE Voice and Data
  • Up to 15,000 ft2 (1,500 m2) of Coverage
  • Indoor / Outdoor NEMA 4 Rated


How it Works

There are a number of Cel-Fi GO RED and antenna configurations based on the size of the building, building materials, and wall arrangements.


Antenna Options


Cel-Fi Wideband Directional Antenna
Cel-Fi Wideband Panel Antenna
Cel-Fi Whip Antenna
Cel-Fi Wideband Directional Antenna
Cel-Fi LPDA-R Antenna


Cel-Fi GO-Red Solutions

Single Unit Solution
This configuration is a single unit solution with 100 dB gain and coverage up to 10,000 ft2.


Multi Unit Solution
This configuration is a multi unit solution requiring 2 Cel-Fi GO RED’s (or Cel-Fi GO X) boosters and coverage up to 30,000 ft2.

Tech Specs

Band 12/14
Band 3/20
(2 front-end receivers that relays 2 bands concurrently)
Rated Output Power
Uplink: 24dBm
Downlink: 16dBm
Band 12:
- Downlink Frequency: 729 – 746 MHz
- Uplink Frequency: 699 – 716 MHz
Band 14:
- Downlink Frequency: 758 – 768 MHz
- Uplink Frequency: 788 – 798 MHz
9.6 – 16.5V
2A current draw
16W nominal power consumption
NEMA 4 rated power plugs and jack
Operating temperature: 0° to 65°C
Convection Cooling
Relative humidity: 0% to 95% (noncondensing)
RoHS 2 (European and China compliant)
Surface temp. (30° ambient): 53°C
3GPP TS 25.143 Rel.10
3GPP TS 36.143 Rel.10
FCC Part 15, 90
Bluetooth BQB
Physical Specifications
96.5 x 43.25 x 272.5 mm
850 g
Antenna Ports
(Donor and Server)
699 – 798 Mhz
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Model Numbers