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Passive product indoor - outdoor

Directional Couplers

Fully RoHS compliant Designed so that X and Y thermal expansion coefficients are compatible with most substrates

Same band combiner

Same band combiner ( Passive or active )

Interference reject filter

Interference reject filter ( GSM/DCS/UMTS/LTE )

Multiplexer Filter

Multiplexer Filter ( Diplex/Triplex/Quadruplex)


SDP duplexers are designed to combine/split Tx and Rx signals from a common antenna in order to save feeder cable and antenna costs. SDP offers solutions...

Wide-band Combiners

Wide Band combiner allows two or more adjacent channels to be combined to a common antenna output 2, 3, 4 or 6 channel combiners are available Design...

Filter Combiners

SDP Filter Combiners are designed for co-siting purposes which enable sharing the same feeder cable for multiple frequency bands. The units can be used...

Waveguide Adapter/Transitions/Tapers/Flanges

Various Waveguide components from 1.2 to 67 GHz


Filters, duplexer and multiplexers in frequencies up to 96 GHz, in various mechanical envelopes for cellular backhaul radios, SATCOM and Defense/Military...

Waveguide Ferrite Devices

Standard and miniaturized flange type waveguide ferrite circulator/isolators for cellular backhaul PTP radios, SATCOM and Military application in frequencies...

RF connector

N type, DIN 7/16", SMA, QMA, SMB connector


N-N, DIN-DIN, N-DIN, N-SMA adapter

High Power Attenuators low PIM

Low power attenuators are bidirectional but high power ones are unidirectional. Attenuators are used in a DAS (distributed antenna system) to adjust the output...

High Power Terminations low PIM

Terminations or dummy loads are required to terminate & dissipate RF power at one of the output ports of 3 dB hybrid couplers, used for combining BTS signals....

Directional Coupler

Wide band directional couplers from 350-1000 MHz, 350-2700 MHz and 698-2700 MHz with low PIM. A directional coupler provides coupling of the main signal...


Wide bands from 698-2700 MHz with low PIM < -165 dBc SDP has a wide range of 3 port and 4 port couplers available in 3 dB and 4.7 dB values. This multi-section...


Used for DAS applications, the SDP coaxial tappers (unsymmetrical splitters) are available in very broad bandwidth from 350 − 2700 MHz and narrow bands...

Wilkinson Splitter

Wide Bands from 380 - 2700 MHz Wilkinson low cost splitters are designed to evenly split the high power cellular signals with minimal reflections and loss....


RF Power splitters are required to evenly split the Input RF Power into 2 or 3 or 4 equal parts