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XCAL-MO III is a benchmarking solution to interface with 30 mobile phones at the same time in parallel. It's an excellent solution to reduce overall cost with flexibility and portability.

XCAL-PU9 System Configuration


  • Support multiple connections up to 30 mobile phones in parallel with full measurement
  • H/W solution based on Slot structure up to 5 slots
  • Each slot has an embedded CPUs and Memory optimized for measurement of all Wireless Network
  • Support an automated call test and make a benchmarking with multiple devices
  • Benchmarking test among multiple & different service operators, different mobile phones, or networks


  • Support up to 30 devices
  • Interface with various devices
    • Mobile Phone, USB Model
    • GPS (1 unit)
    • Scanner (2 unit)
  • Support standard based MOS test
  • Using same User GUI of XCAL series
    • Display Voice/Data quality test result and RF information in real-time
  • Independent OS for 5 of each Slot (6 port per Slot)
  • No additional equipment required for MOS interworking
  • Optimized for Field Test
  • Optimized for Operator/Vendor/Network Benchmarking Test
  • Map Plot in Mobility - Real-time map view with signal level plotting
  • Scalable in Cascade form(2X) (Up to 60 mobile phones)

H/W Specification

Item Spec Note
Power Input 48V DC (Require external power supply)  
Power Consumption Typically, 290W
Max. 450W
PIU-U6 x 5ea
CPU Intel Core i7-4700EQ (Haswell)
TDP: 47 W
Memory RAM: 16GB DDR3L-1600
SSD 128GByte SSD
PIU Phone Interface USB 6-port
USB3.0 / USB2.0
1A, 5V (MAX.)
External Interface 1-Gigabit Ethernet 2 ports
She 249 x 193 x 327(W x H x D, mm)  
Weight < 7Kg  
Accessory External Power Supply (AC-DC)  

* Components: XCAL-MO III(H/W), Power supply/Cable, Phone Interface Cable, GPS, LAN Cable, Bluetooth Cable, 1:1 MOS Cable