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Server-based Measurement, Analysis, Auto-Report Solution for Roll Out


XRO (LTE Roll Out) is a total automation solution that is based on Android mobile application and Server. XRO provides non-stop measurement and analysis solution comprehensively by conducting and monitoring measurement tests, analyzing collected log data, and publishing various reports in real time. XRO maximizes test efficiency especially for initial network optimization projects such as Site Acceptance Test and Cluster Acceptance Test.

XRO System Configuration

Use XRO to

  • To perform Voice & Data service tests
  • To offer drive route GPS and real-time monitoring by using smartphones
  • To monitor network KPI, RF parameters and Layer 3 messages in real-time across all wireless technologies from any PC with internet access
  • To issue reports automatically
  • To provide simple analysis feature for fail reason
  • To analyze Signaling & Packet messages based on web in detail
  • To provide statistics data of measurement data overall process status


  • Cost & Time Effectiveness
    • Test conducting by non-experts
    • Prompt result monitoring and quick decision on test re-conduction
    • Time save by providing auto test result and report
  • Higher Availability
    • Simultaneous process of large capacity data
  • Convenience
    • Web-based anywhere anytime tool
  • Powerful Functionality
    • Outperformed analysis on Signaling and Packet message (L3/SIP/RTP)
XRO image

User PC Specification

Contents Minimum Recommended
OS Windows Server 2012 Standard Windows Server 2012 Enterprise
CPU CPU 2.13GHz 2 Processor (2*8 Core) CPU 2.66GHz 4 Processor (2*8 Core)
RAM 64 GB 128 GB
HDD 1 TB More than 3 TB
SQL SQL Server 2012 R2 Standard SQL Server 2012 Enterprise